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Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010, 18:01

The Phantom of the Opera

Jaa, eines der bekanntesten und am längsten und weitverbreitesten Musicals überhaupt: Phantom of the Opera.

Hier gibt es eine kurze Beschreibung der Handlung für die, die sie nicht kennen.

Meine Fragen an euch:
Habt ihr das Stück einmal gesehen oder kennt ihr es nur vom Buch oder den Filmen her?!
Wo habt ihr es gesehen, wann und mit welcher Besetzung?
Was ist eure Meinung, Erfahrung?

Also, ich habe es Juni 09 in London gesehen mit Ramin Karimloo als Phantom, Gina Beck als Cristine und Simon Bailey als Raoul. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich seither angefressener Phantom-Fan bin und das Stück mich einfach umgehauen hat.
Für die Schule hab ich einen Bericht darüber geschrieben, auf Englisch, und da wird eigentlich alles gesagt, falls ihr ihn lesen wollt:

“Thephantom of the opera is there – inside my mind!” Those words, sung beautifully,
still circle around in my head and let me dream of the most breathtaking
experience of our stay in London. It was a Saturday afternoon when we took our
seats in “Her Majesty’s Theatre”, close to Leicester Square, and waited for the
musical to begin. Before I didn’t know much about the story, but the plot was
not at all complicated and the lovely British accent relatively easy to
understand. When for the first time the main theme thunders pompously through
the theatre and the chandelier rises, it left me absolutely speechless. Their
compelling voices and the terrific live concert, as well as the astonishing
acting kept me focusing on the play and let me into another world.
Besides all this, there were also the outstanding special effects and the whole setting and
props that gave your imagination and feelings a real kick. There was for
example the scene, when the Phantom is not pleased at all with the goings of
the new managers and he declares war to them. While saying this there were
lightnings all over the stage, in addition flames were rising up, including a
scary beautiful voice singing and the thunderous score, which gave the audience
quite a shock of astonishment.
For meas a no real critic there can be said absolutely nothing negative about the
whole musical, but probably not even critics can. If they could, why would the
musical be played for soon 23 years all over the world?! The success simply can
not be lessened. There will even be a sequel of this most famous play called
“Love Never Dies”, however if this will earn as much success is still doubted.
We might wonder, where this wonderful story comes from. Well of course, it was
not the musical that was first created, but a book that was written in the year
1911 by Gaston Leroux. His novel was not the success we might think it was, but
the story about the mysterious happenings at the famous Opera House of Paris
let people be interested and was reason for the first film version of the story
in 1925. When Andrew Lloyd Webber adapted the story to a musical-play in 1986,
he amazed the world with one of the most beautiful songs ever written and the most stunning
love story in history, only maybe over triumphed by Romeo and Juliet (but not for
me). From then on the musical spread all over the world and exists now in many
other languages. In 2004 it was time to make the musical into a film, that
should be pretty close to the musical version of the story. It didn’t held the
success of the musicals, but was still taken with joy by the fans.
As for me, since entering “Her Majesty’s Theatre” I am recruited to be a fan, read the book, saw the film and can not wait to see it again as soon as possible. I can only recommend this to everyone else for no
one leaves this theatre untouched by the emotion of the story and the extreme
beauty of the songs and the actor’s singing.

So, genug von mir, jetzt seit ihr dran! Bin gespannt auf eure Meinungen!
Signatur von »Dan 4-ever«

There's no need to call me Sir, Professor! :) :P :D

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