DR.de's & DJR.tk's Birthday-Project for Daniel in 2011

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We [DanielRadcliffe.de] decided to make a birthday-project this year, because Daniel will turn 22!
To celebrate it we work for this projects together with out partner DanielJRadcliffe.tk
and so we have a three-part-project! ;)

Anyone can participate, whether or not you come from Germany, Holland, England,
the USA, China or Worldwide! ;)

Of course you can participate in all three parts. You don't have to decide for only of these three parts!
If you want you can do all parts! ;)
The first part is the fund-raiser for the "Demelza Children's Hospice"!
You know that we say it every year - many times!
Itís the most important thing to Dan and any amount is welcome! All contributions help the children,
the parents and the organization of Demelza.
In order that the "Demelza Children's Hospice" knows that you belong to us respectively that project,
you can write as evidence respectively source "Daniel Radcliffe DE/NL"!
We talked to the them and they know that it means this project! ;)
There are many different possibilities to donate and you can see them all HERE!

!! Don't forget to mention "Daniel Radcliffe DE/NL" as your source!!


The second part of the project is really easy and anyone can do it!
We want to create a nice little album for Daniel! Not directly a Photo-Album,
but rather a colorful album with a number of things!
You can send us the following things

1. A picture of you, holding a slip of paper. On this paper you can write simply
"Happy Birthday, Daniel!" or another short sentence!
Of course you can also draw something on the paper. I mean if you donít want to write
But if you write a short message, please look that you write BIG and donít write too much!
Please note the picture will be reduced on normal Photo-Size. That means
10x15cm [normal postcard size] and of course the words ought to be clearly recognisable!
The message has to be in english! And please no naked or half  naked photos and no insults
and innuendos!
2. A short message from you to Daniel. That can be a letter, a poem or a birthday card!
The main point is that the text is not longer than a half Din A4-side! Because the album is
not soooo big! ;D
An of course the Text has to be in english! Clear or not? And again no insults and innuendos!
Of course you can decorate your letters! Would be great!
3. A drawing from you for him.
It doesnít matter what you add on it! A flower field, a animal or what ever! Just a picture, what you
want to share with Daniel!
But please remember: The album is not so big and so the drawing has to be not bigger that a
half Din A4-side!
If itís bigger you have to photograph it!
4. Something what you tinkered!
Itís not important what! But the main point is again, that itís not bigger than a half Din A4-side! ;D
5. You can be more creative than us and send us a quite different thing. A idea we didnít think about! :)

We want everything!!! Everything what we can stick into a Album and what is not too big! ;)
And of course you can send in more than just one thing!! The more the merrier! ;)

Please remember to send us you name [or Nickname if you want], your Age and your Land / Town!
Or just your name [or Nickname], if you donít want to tell us the other things! ;)

You can send us the things by E-Mail or by Post!
By Post is my favorite, then I don't have to print it and that saves time! ;)

If you sent a drawing or a self tinkered thing, you better send it by Post!
By Post you can send your Photo [normal Size - 10x15cm, what means normal postcard size ;)], your text [Poem, Letter, Birthday card
etc. & not longer than a half DinA-4 Site],
your drawing [not bigger than a half DinA-4 Site], your self tinkered [not bigger than a half
DinA-4 Site too] or anything else what we
can stick into the album, to this address:

Mira Dahm
Wientapperweg 2c
22589 Hamburg

If you want to send something via e-mail, please tell the subject: "
Birthday project2011 " and send it
to Webmaster@DanRadcliffe.de [me]!

Regardless of whether you send it via post or via e-mail: Your submission have to be here
by me until 18th July 2011 [German Time]!

I can't consider all the things which come after that! Because I have to send the album, right?! ;)

The third part of our birthday project is a
t-shirt-project and you can
the following text of DanielJRadcliffe.tk:

 Whatís the plan?

I have bought a great v-neck t-shirt white and some t-shirt markers.. and well now I guess
that you all know in which way this is going ..xD
I want to make some kind of print/text on it by using YOUR words.
It will depend on how many fans that will join if I will use the front.. or the front and the backÖ ;)

-Follow the site on Twitter for the latest updates on the site and this project with
pics etc.! @DanJRadcliffeNL  

How to join?

1)  - e-mail to me (
marion@danieljradcliffe.tk) subject: Birthday project 2011
     - or send me an @ reply on Twitter @DanJRadcliffeNL (make sure you follow,
        so I can DM you back  when you are added, so you are sure you joined!!)

2) Add your words to descibe Daniel/which make you think of Daniel (according to
his projects, personally etc)
Please send up to 5 words and your name/twittername to add (how many words I
actualy use will depend)

Regarding a question:
-It doesn't matter if they are adjectives or nouns as long as it isn't something rude ofcourse ;)

3) I will send an e-mail/DM back to you when your words/name have been added!
(will be probably somewhere in July)

Thatís all! You can join until 15th July ! Then I will be sending it to Daniel.
Questions? don't hesistate to comment/mail etc! ;)

And here you can found the banners to this project:



Please feel free to share this project to your family & friends via: